A picture can go a long way… On December 29, Jennifer McCafferty decided to show her gratitude to SportsClips stylist Kaylen by posting a picture on her Facebook of Kaylen and her Autistic son Isaiah getting his haircut. In her post, Jennifer explains the events that took place and some.. “This woman, Kaylen, at Sports Clips in […]

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's adorable son was all smiles before getting a cut at the barber shop this week.

Tis’ the season guys! It’s time to see what the NFL rookies will have to do for their team spirt at the hands of their veteran teammates. We know that hazing isn’t something people generally hear good things about, but this isn’t harmful, this is just an odd and ugly haircut. The veterans of the Denver […]

If there's one Hollywood star we stan for when it comes to haircuts, it's Halle Berry.

Earlier today, I was reminiscing on the days when my haircut used to cost 8 Bucks. I’m fully aware that the days when a cut costs less than a 10 are long gone. It seems like every 6 months… my haircut is getting more and more expensive… and I hate it. How much does it […]

A haircut turned into an attempted murder when a woman tried to shoot a barber who gave her an alleged botched hairstyle.

Kobe Bryant somehow managed to rack up a $833.75 grooming bill on a recent Nike shoot … which is pretty steep considering the guy has no hair and reportedly refuses to wear makeup on set.

  The internets have been set ablaze over new pictures of Beyonce with longer hair than she had a week ago. We sort of think…

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne has made a huge change to his look. Pictures of the Young Money leader with a small afro. Weezy recently…

Ray J sure knows how to keep us talking! Take a look at his new haircut, which has us scratching our heads. See Ray J’s new look from more angles at, and let us know if you’re feelin’ it or not in the comments section at the bottom of this page. RELATED POSTS: Ray J […]

Teyana Taylor has decided to cut her hair, too, but she didn’t jump on the shaved-head bandwagon like the rest of these celebrities. She did it her own way, partially lopping off one side of her hair, as a tribute to her cousin, who passed away last week. Chrisette Michele: “I Was Told You Can’t […]