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Boy getting hair cut in barber shop

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A picture can go a long way… On December 29, Jennifer McCafferty decided to show her gratitude to SportsClips stylist Kaylen by posting a picture on her Facebook of Kaylen and her Autistic son Isaiah getting his haircut.
In her post, Jennifer explains the events that took place and some..

“This woman, Kaylen, at Sports Clips in Charleston did more for my heart than she will probably ever realize. Haircuts with Isaiah are no small feat. He hates having anything near his ears, the sound of clippers sends him in to a tailspin…this evening was no different. I was ready to give up, but she wasn’t. She sat on the floor with my baby in her lap, and she cut his hair. They talked about Dory and Christmas, and she even let him spray her with her water bottle. Autism can be so very, very hard, but people like this make our days just a little easier”

And after her picture and post has gone viral, Jennifer tells Yahoo Beauty how her son was diagnosed a year ago with autism and that even though he enjoys Mickey and dinosaurs like other young kids, he’s still a little different.
She explains in her interview by saying:

“Most of Isaiah’s quirks revolve around his senses. He has a hard time with sudden loud noises, like the buzzer at his brother’s basketball games. He also has trouble with textures, so he has a very limited diet. There are so many misperceptions when it comes to autism, I honestly don’t know where to start. People often assume that you can take these children , or even adults really, and box them into this one tiny space where they are all expect to look and act the same, and that’s not how it works. Autism is a spectrum disorder. Some individuals on the spectrum are extremely highly functioning  and others are not. Isaiah is verbal, and even that throws a lot of people off. Autism makes you unique, but it doesn’t make you less.”

And by saying this, it just shows why the haircut that Kaylen gave to her son was so special.
His mom said, “When Isaiah has a meltdown his screams surround you.”
And then she explained what exactly Kaylen did and how it impacted her son and her life.

“He needs you to focus every ounce of attention you have on him. He needs to find his quiet, safe space, and he needs you to bring him there. Kayla did that. She wasn’t fazed by his screams, she understood his fears. She figured out where it was he needed to go, and she took him there. She let him take a break when he needed one, and she didn’t give up.”

She also tells us that after the haircut, she decide to send Kaylen flowers and later the two started talking on Facebook.

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