Drake is a troll. Perhaps he’s the most fun troll in rap (non-Tekashi division) but he’s been keeping us all entertained with his various antics over the years. Sometimes it’s him adopting almost literally any nationality to fit his needs. Other times it’s him inadvertently crafting a meme (see the “No Guidance” video) or any battle […]

How far would you go to help a friend? I always say “I’d give my friend my last”, or “I’d give you the shirt off my back”. But sending a stripper to your grave to twerk for you at the cemetery, is a little extreme. Even by my standards. Check it out. Follow Us On […]

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

Despite the misconception that I’m Hispanic (because of the sound of my voice), I am a proud, young black man. Lol I can relate to every rule on the list that this youtube comedian names. So much funny sh*t happens in black culture everyday and we don’t even realize it. Even though we have to […]

Have another one…key that is with DJ Khaled. Celebrate success with your new bestfriend, the DJ Khaled Doll!

Ricky Anderson shared a Snapchat of Kanye and Desiigner turning up to their own music in the Hamptons last night.

The folks behind the House Of Hoops YouTube account put together a super cut of all the NBA players who pretty much owned the media.

This video reinforces the age-old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I wish I would have known about this video on June 27th. But a young MC from Louisiana who goes by the name of 39 Cents did a series of freestyles over the infamous June 27th beat which is actually a song from Kris Kross called “Da Streets Ain’t Right.” Try not to laugh too […]