Streetwear is a style that first became popular in the 1990s and has since become increasingly popular through the years. It is said to have developed in California with skate culture, but also includes elements of early hip-hop fashion and culture. Today, streetwear goes beyond those associated with those groups and can be seen on […]

On this segment of Access Houston we welcome the owners of Burns Original BBQ, Steve and Gary Burns, as well as the CEO, Cory Crawford.  Burns BBQ is family owned and operated business in Acres Homes that’s been a staple in the city for over 50 years.  We talk about the history of Burns, the […]

Neon green nails. Neon green hair. Neon green here and neon green there. This year’s hottest summer trend isn’t an item, it’s a color. And everyone is indulging in the trend in their own way. Here’s how you can get in on the neon green craze this season: On Your Nails Whether you’re into stiletto, […]

This segment of Access Houston welcome Tameka and Tunde from African Fashion Week in Houston happening October 22nd thru 28th. This is the fifth anniversary of the series that started in 2014. AFWH will recognize the selected non-profits through a series of presentations and recognition during the fashion week’s signature events, including the Art, Wine […]

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Question: What makes designer clothes so expensive? Answer: Brand value. Companies pump millions of dollars into making sure its audience is aware that they have something for sell. This includes billboard ads, magazine ads, influencers, and a lot of other marketing techniques. So essentially, you really are paying for the […]

The Met Gala, otherwise known as one of fashion’s biggest nights took place on Monday and there was PLENTY to go over. Living up to the theme “Heavenly Bodies,” major celebs rocked different outfits all with a theme close to the church. Crosses, crowns, and Catholicism were the fashions of choice and while some celebs failed or […]

#SheOnlyWearsDesigner That’s only if you’re flaunting a dress designed by Houston native Rocky Boston that is. Rocky Boston debuted her Pre-Fall 2018 collection at New York Fashion Week on February 9th, 2018 at the Stewart Hotel New York where she showcased designs from her Moi Intérieur “Inner Me” collection which you’ll see non-traditional wedding gowns, […]

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Is she starting the New Year off right with this new look or no? Take our poll.

  PRIDE HOUSTON is here! 97.9 The Box has your complete listing of all official PRIDE events happening this week – keep it locked to find out the latest updates on all happenings.   DINE WITH PRIDE June 20 @ 8:00 am – 11:59 pm Invite your friends and family to Dine with Pride at […]