They called him “Maserati Rick,” but his name is Ricardo Agnant and this is a man who was posing as a Miami Dolphins’ offensive lineman football player with a contract in the NFL. Agnant was walking around catfishing women he would meet at night clubs and people on social media with his fake pictures of […]

Katt Williams explained why he President Donald Trump is going to break to mold of what we think a President is supposed to do.  Williams also explained how he has been a victim of fake news and alternative facts LOL. Don’t forget to catch Katt Williams tonight February 10th at the Toyota Center. Check it out!

1. “We need to hang out again, it’s been too long!”   2. “I’m on my way”   3. “I thought I was following you already.”   4. “You’re the only person I’m talking to.”   5. Texting “LMAO” or “I’M SCREAMING” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone 6. “I’m not […]

Well, I’ll be damned! Fans are saying that wasn’t really Jeremih performing at the Summers Over Tour in Houston On Thursday night. I was in attendance and something smelled fishy from the get go because it was basically like watching a silhouette sing and dance. WHOEVER was on stage was in a dark, baggy hoody and […]

Watch all of the wildest April Fools Day jokes that seem ridiculously believable to happen in the future. VIDEO: Ansell Rewards Program Announces Condoms You Can Recycle    VIDEO: T-Mobile’s #BingeOnUp Launches Hand-Free Device To Watch Anything Anytime   VIDEO: Lexus Lets You Velcro Yourself To Seats For Enhanced Driving   VIDEO: Royal Caribbean Will Build A Cruise […]

Despite the lack of any solid evidence to support the claims, rumors of an affair between Rihanna and her Roc Nation boss Jay Z have…

Ever since Jacob the Jeweler’s Hip-Hop reign came to an end, there have a been an endless sea of diamond peddlers vying for the crown to bling out rappers across the country. Instagram account FakeWatchBuster has made a life mission of calling out struggle-encrusted accessories by various artists and recently found themselves in a standoff with Avianne & […]

Hey Guys! Sky Houston Here. Ok, I’ll be honest: I’m probably one of the few women who has always been a tomboy and hated carrying purses, all my life. But I, like any other woman, love fashion and although I don’t like being confined to a particular purse or label just because it’s what everyone […]

Black Music Month

  According to The Huffington Post, the track list for Kanye West’s upcoming “Yeezus” album may have leaked early, but probably it didn’t. The music blog Beats…


After having an interesting conversation with one of my friends about being an “orgasm faker” I decided to create a poll to find out if YOU TOO are a faker!  I read that 70% of women have faked an orgasm at some point! Have you?

Looks like Brian Pumper has had enough of the verbal jabs from Fabolous and has decided to respond to a video that Fab released claiming that Pumper wears fake jewelry. In an interview with, Pumper states that Fabolous is the one with the fake jewelry and also claims that he can“battle” with the rapper on record […]