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Ever since Jacob the Jeweler’s Hip-Hop reign came to an end, there have a been an endless sea of diamond peddlers vying for the crown to bling out rappers across the country.

Instagram account FakeWatchBuster has made a life mission of calling out struggle-encrusted accessories by various artists and recently found themselves in a standoff with Avianne & Co., after they alleged the NYC company gave Cee Lo Green a fugazzi $34K watch.

Reports TMZ:

Avianne & Co. fired off a cease-and-desist letter to the guy behind the popular Instagram account FakeWatchBusta — because FWB recently posted a pic of CeeLo’s custom 20-carat diamond-studded Panerai from Avianne, and outed it as a bad “fake.”

Avianne demanded the CeeLo post be taken down immediately and replaced with an apology … as well as a comment saying the watch is in fact 100% real.

The photo has since been deleted from Instagram, but so far … no apology’s been posted.

Fun fact: Avianne is the same company that made Ciara’s 15-carat diamond engagement ring.

FakeWatchBuster fired even more shots following the C&D letter, saying “A fake AP Royal Oak Offshore. Look at how the subdial cuts off the 7 and the 5 and look how the date is placed cutting into the Tachymeter. Fake junk.”