This segment we welcome back the owner of OMG Seafood and Blacklisting Marketing, Clayton Edwards, and the co-owner Trent Collins. The fellas are giving back to the community with their 3rd Annual Coat Drive for the homeless. Clayton and Trent shares advice to those entering into entrepreneurship, they talk about Blacklist Marketing and its purpose, […]

TMZ is reporting that wrestling superstar Alberto Del Rio aka Alberto El Patrón from Impact Wrestling was being investigated for an incident that took place at the Florida Airport. The incident resulted in alleged domestic violence investigation by the Orlando Police when they were contacted at about 3:00 pm on Sunday. The police claimed that […] Things aren’t looking to good for actor Morocco Omari. The Empire star who plays Lucious’ half-brother, has been arrested for allegedly brutalizing a woman. According to TMZ, law enforcement revealed that on Wednesday, a 24-year-old woman called 911 in Chicago, claiming she and Omari were arguing when he pushed her to the ground several times. She […]

“I’ve never been abusive to anyone in my entire life.”

Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman has once again gotten himself in trouble.

During the call, she can be heard saying the retired NBA legend is "getting crazy again."

The biopic cut deeper than Lifetime's usual brand of victim-porn by showing a single Black woman's struggle to navigate an industry that was built to prey on her.

Attorney says domestic violence caused a girl, 14, to kill her father. The man's siblings doubt that story.

Plus, a Detroit 5-year-old shoots and kills herself with her grandmother's gun, a Paris teen commits suicide live on Periscope and more news.

A heartbreaking story unfolded Wednesday in Staten Island, New York, when a young mother and two of her three children were stabbed to death. Michael Sykes is accused of entering a motel where his girlfriend Rebecca Cutler was staying and flew into a jealous rage. He allegedly stabbed the mother, her 2-year-old and infant daughters, according to […]