Good Morning H-Town

Many cheers were made throughout the evening along with several sing-alongs to some of Keke's classic songs. "Although I'm 46, I feel like I'm 26 and truly blessed", said Lil Keke! 

Happy G Day Pimp C! Today we remember the legendary Pimp C on what would’ve been his 44th birthday.. Celebrate the life and legacy of the Underground King with some of his most trill classics below. Rest In Peace Pimp C!

Any true pet-lover can relate to throwing their pet a party or celebrating with a birthday cookie or cake. Last week, a Pennsylvania man celebrated his service dog’s first birthday by throwing him a Star Wars themed party. Charles Wilson-Adams, 24, is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to PEOPLE, “I had to do […]

Robert Davis Jr. a/k/a DJ Screw passed away over 16 years ago and his impact is still felt daily. He is the creator of the Chopped and Screwed DJ technique and recognized as one the most important figures in Southern Hip-Hop history. He would have turned 46 today. Sadly, he was only 29 when we […]

Even on his birthday Chance the Rapper found a way to give back to his community.

A Chicago girl decided that she wanted her 6-year old birthday party to be expressed by feeding the homeless. Armani Crews turned 6-years old on March 5 and she told her parents for “a few months” that she wanted to feed the homeless people in her area. Her mother Artesha Crews said that she didn’t […]

The mom of two turns 40 years old today. In honor of the big milestone, check out our gallery of Kerry Washington throughout the years.