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Dog, American Staffordshire Terrier sitting, (Portrait)

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Any true pet-lover can relate to throwing their pet a party or celebrating with a birthday cookie or cake.
Last week, a Pennsylvania man celebrated his service dog’s first birthday by throwing him a Star Wars themed party.
Charles Wilson-Adams, 24, is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to PEOPLE, “I had to do something special for him. And growing up I liked Star Wars, so I decided to throw him a Stars Wars-themed birthday party. And everyone on campus loved him, so I invited them to his birthday party [too].”
And that’s what he did, invited 20 people attend Deuce, the American Bully’s party that had a birthday cake, piñata, paper plates, a banner and balloons all themed in Star Wars. His guests even sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Deuce and Charles gifted his dog a cute lightsaber sweatshirt.
Charles’ sister was one of the partygoers and she tweeted happy videos of Deuce and his human daddy Charles.

“I actually met Deuce when I was going through a rough time in my life, and that’s another reason why I love him so much,” Charles said. “And I felt as though I should throw a birthday party for him because I actually just see him as my son.”