This segment of Access Houston we welcome Vandolyn Esparza from the Children’s Museum of Houston. Vandolyn let’s us know about their partnership with the city of Houston’s Health Department initiative called Houston Basics, five simple ways to build your baby’s brain. Our next conversation is with the interim board president of Jazz Education Inc., Lloyd […]

Two rambunctious 2-year-old  twins from Utah were playing in their room when a dresser toppled over one of the kids. The amazing part was on of the kids seemed to have hercules like power and pushed the dresser off his twin. Kayli Shoff, mother of her twin boys, Bowdy and Brock, wasn’t sure if she […]

Arkansas fireman rescued the baby girl after the parents didn't have her safely buckled in.

The 29-year-old mogul announced the news that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy via Instagram on Thursday.

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Amazing news for the inspiring couple.

Lauren London kept the status of her latest pregnancy low-key for the most part.

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E! also asked if the fact that all her friends have baby fever makes her want another child.

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Recently retired NBA star Kobe Bryant happily announced that he and his wife, Vanessa, are expecting a third daughter. Kobe took to his Instagram to make the announcement in a picture complete with a baby version of his basketball shoe, and an infant onesie with the words “Baby Mamba” written on it. His third daughter will be the […]

Reason #876 why inclusion and representation in advertising matters to our children.