Audio and video clips of artist’s new music

The latest from Travis premiered Friday night during the NBA on TNT's coverage of the NBA playoffs.

Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams team up for an empowerment anthem centering around Black creatives, hustlers, community leaders and the Black Lives Matter movement.

With communities across the country still demanding to be heard, a collective of Denver's best put on for BLM.

Burna Boy is back with his brand new album, ‘Twice As Tall’.

The D-O-Double-G recognizes his fallen friend with a flip of a 1970s R&B classic.

The music world united after one TikTok user proclaimed that slow + reverb was new, wholly forgetting that one Robert Earl Davis gave us chopped and screwed first.

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From the Northside to the world, George Young creates an album strictly for riding in 'The Loop.'

The rising Flint to Houston native doesn't care if you know he has a day-job, he's still releasing new music with the likes of Sada Baby, Dice Soho and more.

The Alief representative shares a six-track project produced by Nell featuring the singles "Try Jesus" and "I Need You (Breonna Taylor)"

Wizkid's "Smile" feat. H.E.R. and Mariah The Scientist's "Always n Forever" are next up for our New Heat For Your Playlist series.