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Sauce Walka is in full go mode.

Not long after he dropped Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 did the videos start rolling out, first for “Ghetto Gospel II” with El’ Train and “Get Out” with Propain. The latest stretch finds Walk and even Sancho Saucy reconnecting like it’s 2017 and it’s TSF against the world again.

“Where Was You At” from Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 effectively carried the momentum from the title track with Walka reminiscing about cutting his teeth and doing what needed to be done in order to be the man. It’s a giant high five to himself and a middle finger to those who didn’t achieve what he did while attempting to claim the same bona fides.

Meanwhile, he and Saucy’s “Moon” track feels like a throwback to where the both of them decided to attempt to out-brag the other, whether it came to a certain car, a certain amount of money or more. It was two brothers playing big bank while the rest of the world nodded and aspired to do the same. Only the Twinz could think about putting swangas on a Maybach. Watch both videos below.

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