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No Sauce Walka tape has ever been as lean as New Sauce City.

It pockets in all of its lyrics, thoughts and sprawl of its creator over 10 tracks. The production is far more relaxed than any other Sauce tape, which compliments Walka’s highly animiated persona perfectly. “Splashtown State of Mind” marries Houston and jazzy freeform as Walk mixes punchlines about Atari, Playstation, Jacknife powerbombs and more.

Only Masarati Jay and Sosamann make appearances on NSC from the TSF camp as Walka is too busy weaving through these cushioned, Sealy soft and elegant beats navigating the juxtaposition of personal success versus overall success, when your team is struggling but you’re taking all the wins. Unconveitonal has been the best description of Sauce Walka since 2012 and now years later, New Sauce City is the biggest example of it.

Stream the album and watch the video for the title track now.

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