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Source: Ulisses Garza / Radio One Houston

Oooweee! Sauce Walka stops by The Madd Hatta Morning Show to discuss whether or not he’d sign to Roc Nation, responding to internet trolls, being one of the more controversial artists out of Houston, reveals he had a $5 million deal from Universal that he turned down and more!

“A deal is still on the table,” the “Sauce Ghetto Gospel” rapper told the Morning Show. “I haven’t gone to LA and take the meeting yet. Number one, salute and shoutout to Hov. Salute to Jay-Z, a great mind and a great business statue in the black community. The pillar he is in the community is great. But, at the same token … for me to get this far and crack so many codes and barriers? I’m staying independent. It’s a different ball game. The power of the internet is limitless. I may take a management deal with Roc Nation but at the end of the day, I don’t want no money.”

Walka added, “At the same time, I’m still gonna go down there and take a meeting. It’s a high possibility we gon’ come to some sort of an agreement. I got a full label of artists. Roc Nation do management, they do a lot of different things. But at the moment I’m not in no dire need … we not in a situation where we need a record deal. I had a record deal from Universal for $5 million that I said no to. $5 million. I still got the deal in my phone.”

Watch the full interview below.

– On being the most controversial rapper in the H (0:25)

– Arguing with Internet trolls (2:25)

– Handling Situations Publicly vs. Privately (4:50)

– The Roc Nation Situation (13:40)

– Sauce Ghetto Gospel (16:22)

– How People Don’t Catch The Real Sauce Walka (27:00)

– TSF Making Moves (30:00)

– Sauce Walka On Protesting The NFL (33:31)

– On Not Getting His Credit (37:57)

– Why Houston Is Getting Robbed Of Its Culture (40:00)

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