Sauce Walka is in full go mode. Not long after he dropped Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 did the videos start rolling out, first for “Ghetto Gospel II” with El’ Train and “Get Out” with Propain. The latest stretch finds Walk and even Sancho Saucy reconnecting like it’s 2017 and it’s TSF against the world again. “Where Was […]

Oooooooweeeee! Sauce Walka “The Kid That Did” is back with a dope visual to end the year! After crashing numerous high schools with me this year, I asked Sauce what was the goal for 2017. I know more music is on the way. I be on the lookout for his new clothing line… Follow Us […]

If the “Sauce Twinz” could add a group member, which rapper would fit right in??? I think Sosamann is a given. But he’s already in the family. If I had to compile a list of candidates not from Houston, it would go as follows… LOL! OT Genesis – After he switched from his “Co Co” flow, […]

“May The Sauce Be With You”! Sauce Walka is back with more heat. “Rich Holiday” is the lead single/visual to the Holy Sauce project. Sometimes you have to be sure the recipe is fully done, before you serve… The Drip. Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like Us On Facebook!!! 979TheBox / ItsTeamHardbody

About a month ago I sat with a young artist & had a heart to heart about a few things. From our convo, I could tell Sosamann heard everything I was telling him. I’m proud of my young brother! He has that “it” factor, and Wiz Khalifa agrees with me. TSF/ Taylor Gang “Sos”… I […] The homey Sosamann is out here making bangers!!! Out of the TSF Camp (The Sauce Factory) Sosamann is legit! From his collaboration with Young Dolph, or trips to LA to mess with Wiz Khalifa, he should be on your “About To Blow” list. Check out his latest single “Just Wanna Win”. Right now he’s […]

  Well “Dabbing” is the latest dance craze to go viral. If I hear one more local “DAB” song, I might pop. I like how the Migos explain the newest dance craze & give you the “how to” video. Sidenote: They look high as hell! LOL! Sauce Walka x Sosaman x Migos “On Top” Follow […]

Anytime the hottest group in Atlanta, hooks up with the hottest group in Houston… Good music is bound to happen!!! Very proud of the progress of the “Sauce Movement”. Sauce Walka vs Drake had the internet on fire! One thing the beef with Drake did was keep people talking about, “The Sauce”.  Migos x TSF […]

Sauce Twinz are still “dripping” their way to the top! If you hadn’t checked out “Sauce Theft Auto”, you’re missing out! The tape has features from Migos, Snootie Wild, Propain & more. Sauce Twinz ft Boosie & Sosaman “OMS”  Sauce Theft Auto “Mixtape”

I’m really proud of the “Sauce Movement”. I remember convo’s with a younger Sauce Walka, where it was extremely frustrating not seeing his success blossom. Look how times change! It’s so much support for the movement, the “Sauce Twinz” are a force in the game! Right here from Houston!!! Check out Sauce Walka’s latest single […]

This title is so fitting. Young Scooter links up with Houston’s Sauce Twinz on a street anthem titled “Houston To Lil Mexico.” Knowing when to…

Yes my brothers & sisters!!! Trill Tuesdays are back upon us. I hope you have an appetite for some new music from some local artist. Hopefully you have a pen & pad as well. If you like what you hear, support these guys. Signed, Radio Boss. One of the dopiest lyricist in Houston is back with […]