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It’s somewhat a two-for-one with Propain and Sauce Walka‘s “Get Out” video. For starters, the track is featured on both In Case We Never Speak Again and Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2. There’s symmetry between Pro and Walk, from the moment Walk gets into that wound up narration style delivery of his and Pro amplifies his voice with every punchline.

For much of 2019, while dabbling with various pockets and flows, Walka found his favorite pocket. Earlier in the decade, you could say it was about effortless boasts and one-liners that rattled around like an action movie. Now it’s far more precise. Every character inside of a Walka verse, whether it be himself or someone else grows larger than life. He allows himself a brief moment to breathe between every sentence, about how staying loyal is one thing until you tell somebody no for the first time and how materialism is a downfall within itself.

Pro counters with bare facts, police killings are still happening, the crabs in a bucket mentality will pull everyone under and then some. It’s all a trap, both men figure and the only way is to recognize it and jump out as fast as possible.

Watch the “Get Out” video from Walka and Propain below. Both of their projects are available now.

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