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I’ve been trying my best to stray away from people who aren’t good for me. But can we be honest? I’m not all the way there yet. There are still a couple associates that I need to wipe my hands clean of because in the end, I’m only hurting myself. Here’s a simple story about snake that should help us think twice about the people that we bring into our lives.

A snake was hit by a car. A woman picks him up, feeds him, and gets him back to his full state of health. But then he bites her injecting her with his deadly venom. On her death bed she asks, “After all I did, why me?” The snake replies, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

Stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. Like Maya Angelou would always say: When people show you who they are (the first time)… believe them.

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