Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. It’s a powerful quote whether you attribute it to Sun Tzu, Machiavelli – the philosopher or the warrior-poet formerly known as Tupac before his death – or the Godfather himself Michael Corleone. And one that begins to mean more and more to me each day as I […]

Check out DJ Khaled hanging out with some of his celebrity friends!  

These days, Brandy makes more headlines for being shady than she does for her music — but this time around, her clap back may be warranted. An Instagram fan page dedicated to the singer, a photo collage was posted of Brandy hanging with model Selita Ebanks, and more photos of Ebanks with a couple of […]

Just one month after a friend crashed his new Lamborghini in Beverly Hills, Chris Brown has an announcement for his so-called friends. The singer took to Instagram to let all of his homies know he doesn’t want to surround himself with anybody he doesn’t consider a “real n***a.” CB said to his 36 million followers, […]

I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends. – Walt Whitman

In the spirit of nostalgia, check out these TV shows that we'd love to see revived, remade, or rebooted.

At my age, it’s pretty easy to tell if someone’s a real friend or not. Here are 5 ways you can tell if a person’s really down for you: 1. They Tell You The Truth

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.

Here’s a few photos of singer/song writer Lloyd hanging out with his celebrity friends.

People tend to take Madea as a joke, but she actually has A LOT of wisdom. She can have you laughing til your tummy hurts, but she also has the words that can speak to your soul. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to learn how to let people go. Madea has the […]