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A Phoenix, Arizona father allegedly throws his 23-month-old daughter into a pool to teach her a lesson.

The baby’s mother, Samantha Carey, saw a surveillance video of the baby being tossed central Phoenix pool, and a woman going after the baby to get her out.

Here’s the video and the baby’s mother on the news below:

The couple has had an off and on relationship for the past decade and have two kids together.

The father, Corey McCarthy, is said to have thrown his baby into the pool because she dropped a 5-week-old puppy in the pool and it died and he wanted to teach her a lesson about playing around water.

McCarthy’s brother came to his aid, saying it was wrong, but the mother should’ve never went on the news with the story nor should he be in prison. “He’s still in jail and in the infirmary because he was beaten up in jail.” It seems Mr. McCarthy is getting a lesson of his own now.

Here is the video of brother coming to his aid below:

McCarthy was charged for child abuse because in Arizona discipline must be considered reasonable and not done in anger. Police said throwing the toddler into a pool isn’t reasonable.

The toddler, Mia was checked out since the incident and is physically fine. She is recovering emotionally.

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