Ok, who likes a good water park? Yeah, you might have seen this YouTube vid on Facebook before, but I bet you didn’t know this was in Texas. This monstrosity of a slide is called “The a Royal Flush” and you can find it in Waco, Texas at the BSR Cable Park. You have options […]

Pools and summertime are the best of friends. But experts are stressing the importance of controlling a potentially dangerous health risk – drinking the pool…

Hello everyone it’s your boy @thechile here and Memorial Day Weekend is almost here. How are you planning on spending your holiday? Will you be at a family BBQ? Will you be at a beach or in a pool? I myself will be trying to do all of these things plus I have a wedding to be […]

A Phoenix, Arizona father allegedly throws his 23-month-old daughter into a pool to teach her a lesson. The baby’s mother, Samantha Carey, saw a surveillance video of the baby being tossed central Phoenix pool, and a woman going after the baby to get her out. Here’s the video and the baby’s mother on the news […]


  Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, faced off in an Atlanta courtroom this afternoon. It was an “emergency” hearing called in the wake of this week’s pool accident involving their son, Usher V, 5. READ MORE VIA: USATODAY.COM

The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:  Usher is denying allegations ex-wife Tameka Raymond has offered up in her attempt to gain full custody of son Usher Raymond V following his nearly fatal pool accident, TMZ reports. He has even gone so far as to claim she isn’t even fit to be a mother! In documents filed […]

Looks like Jessica Simpson is back in the dating game – with another football player.