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Pool party

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Ok, who likes a good water park?
Yeah, you might have seen this YouTube vid on Facebook before, but I bet you didn’t know this was in Texas.
This monstrosity of a slide is called “The a Royal Flush” and you can find it in Waco, Texas at the BSR Cable Park.

You have options for which slide size that you feel that you can handle and if you’re aren’t feeling very adventurous when you go don’t worry because you can visiting the other attractions available.
Yeah, they don’t just have the 3 awesome slides, like the one that has a 100-foot drop, they also have a lazy river and a cable park.
That’s right, I said a 100-foot drop and it sends you into a 15-foot pool too. Don’t worry because if that drop is not your cup of tea, they have shorter slide that gives a less dramatic drop.
What do you need to do to get in? That’s an easy one, it’s $10 to enter the door and $15 to ride the slides for the whole day.

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