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Ladies, are you representing or running your man off? You may be keeping yourselves in the single category and keeping yourself from love. We all desire companionship and love, right? Who doesn’t appreciate affection after a long, tiring or stressful day? Who doesn’t appreciate a partner to create and share memories with? Be it a holiday or rainy day I know you wouldn’t be mad at having a boo thang to be curled up with all von-jwanz.

Author Paul Carrick Brunson of shares ten behaviors you could improve. Nothing wrong with improvement ladies, every person could use some! Here are a few, click here to read them all!

10. You Hold On to Someone Who Isn’t Available– Is he separated or married? Perhaps he is living with his girlfriend? If you hold on to such a person, fully knowing you are shared with someone else, you illustrate the lowest form of self-love and that won’t get you where you want to go.

9.You Don’t Believe Him When He Tells You the Truth– Many times, men will directly tell you their outlook on the relationship. They’ll say things like, “I’m not interested in anything serious” or “I don’t see myself being married.” If you hear anything similar, don’t think you’re the one person who can and will change his perspective. Trust me, you can’t; you won’t.

8. Being a Toxic Date– They are the ones who always blame you. They may always turn things around to make it someone else’s fault. They overreact to bad events. If all of this sounds familiar, “they” could be you. Toxic people are a huge energy drain. No matter how outwardly attractive or successful someone is, toxicity just ain’t sexy.


Hope you ladies found these first few tips to be helpful. The remaining are just as good and helpful. You deserve the best kind of love make sure YOU are not the reason you don’t have them.

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