For millennia, there have been studies trying to determine the "cause" of homosexuality, especially regarding Black men. So, this is where he gets his good looks. How could Michael B. Jordan possibly break the internet? Apparently, by sharing a picture of the men in his family. The Creed star posted the above shot during a holiday gathering and there’s no shortage of handsome in this group of fellas. With over 61,000 […]

Screenwriter and salon owner Michael Elliot wants Hammers & Nail to expand across the world.

So who do you think cheats better men or women.  Let us know by voting on the poll below!

Via: Houston is among the top honest cities in America.  A survey by Honest Tea reviewed the honesty of Americans by providing unmanned racks of beverages for a dollar.  The honor system revealed those who paid or stole a bottle.  Houston is rated fifth in the nation.  The most honest place is Atlanta, Georgia, while the most dishonest is Providence, […]

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Got a phone call from a friend this morning who was talking about this great guy she met last night but he is shorter than her and it makes her feel a little uncomfortable. Ladies, do you have an issue with dating shorter men? ..Men, do you mind dating a taller woman?      

Cheating is a terrible, terrible thing. And yet and many of us have had a penchant for doing it. Some people believe it’s because we’re…

Here is an interesting article that I saw on about men who take a bunch of selfies.  It reads, Snapping selfies is a normal thing to do these days, but watch out if you meet a man who loves to plaster his own face all over the internet. A new study of 800 men […]

Who would have thought? You see this gentlemen.  This is my coworker Kiotti.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m talking to him, and he is nodding his head, but I don’t feel like he’s actually listening to anything I’m saying.  I used to get mad at him, but today I learned something new.  According to a […]

When it comes to the special man in your life, a simple tie or coffee mug just won’t do. He deserves a present he’ll treasure,…