I don’t see too much positivity in the entertainment industry, so this video made my day. The word of God is always able to ease my mind, body and soul. It was dope seeing a group of young people coming together to worship the Lord in a way that gave me chills. The girl who […]

It’s about that time! My daughter Alani has your #52WeeksOfPositivity Today’s word is #HARMONY. 和谐. Héxié. #learnchinese #mandarin #positive #kids #ispeakchinese (video by @wreckvisuals)

People tend to take Madea as a joke, but she actually has A LOT of wisdom. She can have you laughing til your tummy hurts, but she also has the words that can speak to your soul. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to learn how to let people go. Madea has the […]

It’s that time again for Alani’s #52WeeksOfPositivity! Today’s word is INTEGRITY. 正直.  zhèngzhí. (video by @gmayniac)

  My new years resolution is to watch DJ Khaled’s snaps FAITHFULLY. If you haven’t tuned in… you’re playing yourself! LOL Khaled has some of the BEST SNAPS OF ALL TIME! (In my Kanye West voice). I think my favorite quote is when he talks about what “They” don’t want you to do because it […]

DJ Khaled has been the talk of the town…and now I see why. His snapchats are super motivational and he manages to do it all in 10-second increments. Khaled manages to turn everyday moments into a moment of inspiration. It’s lowkey hilarious how he can find the good in all situations, but I guess that’s […]

This song has been stuck in my head for a little over a month now. Often times, I sneak into the Praise Houston radio station to do work and get a little inspiration while I’m at it. Might as well kill two birds with one stone right? Wait… maybe I shouldn’t say that since we’re […]

Last night on my show, a woman called me to let me know that my coworker (Kiotti) saved her. She was hours away from taking her life…and bringing her children with along with her. All Kiotti did was listen to her when no one else would. She sought out help from her mother, sister and […]

KEEP IT POSITIVE LADIES! Stress and negativity take a toll on your body and we have to live long and strong for our children. Check out my helpful tips on how to remain positive. It’ll make all the difference in your life and the lives of your children!

Deeeeee. Seeeee. Threeeeee! (DC3). They’re back. The members of Destiny’s Child reunited for Michelle’s gospel track “Say Yes” from her upcoming album JOURNEY TO FREEDOM. This song just makes us want a new Destiny’s Child album so bad. Dear DC Gods, PLEASE Bring them back! LOL -Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond)

  Word Up! It’s Amir Diamond. I REALLY enjoy this new song by @IamJustified1! We’ve had a few conversations via social media, but I got to meet him in person this weekend at “Dance The Dream Houston” in Discovery Green Park. J’s energy was really charismatic and cool. We need more positive people like him […]

If you were to watch this music video (by Houston’s own JT) on mute, you would probably think it was the typical Hip-Hop movement…and you’d be wrong! I love the fact that if you weren’t really paying attention to the lyrics of this song, you’d think it was something to get you right in the […]