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Off top I love being a dad. There is nothing better in life than the unbridled joy that a child can bring to your life. My son is character. He loves Michael Jackson, The Avengers and he can watch the same 10 minute episode of Cailou for 3 hours if you let him.

But the best parts are conversation. Listening to him share his views on the world from his 3 year old perspective is hilarious. Like the one we had last night.

Me: Lil General what do you want to be when you grow up?

Lil General: I want to be Hulk, Thor or Batman

Me: You don’t want to be like daddy?

Lil General: I don’t want to be a daddy. Because all daddy’s do is work.

Me: What do mommy’s do?

Lil General: They just watch TV.

Fellas I encourage you to be an active father in your child’s life, if you aren’t you are missing out.

What are some of the funny things your kid says? Hit me on Twitter @RobGTheGeneral