Lace Locks is a new and innovative, clip-on fashion sneaker accessory that is dedicated to adding personal style to footwear. With licensed designs from MARVEL and PEANUTS, Lace Locks has developed a creative collection to help consumers express their own personal style. Lace Locks is the first-ever worldwide patented sneaker accessory that is simple to attach to your […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.  They call themselves the Hulk and Superman!  Check out this bodybuilding duo as they exhibit unbelievable feats of strength.

Off top I love being a dad. There is nothing better in life than the unbridled joy that a child can bring to your life. My son is character. He loves Michael Jackson, The Avengers and he can watch the same 10 minute episode of Cailou for 3 hours if you let him. But the […]