#TheSimpsons are The Roots: Constantly and quietly killing sh*t for over 20 years and on the way to becoming an American institution.

#SouthCentral is Tupac: An edgy show with a talented cast whose legend was made larger due to early cancellation.

#TheNewsroom is Lupe: A technically brilliant show that would be a lot smarter if it stopped trying to show people how smart it is.

#HouseOfCards is Kendrick Lamar: An excellent newcomer that put EVERYBODY on their ass and has a lot to live up to come season 2.

#Entourage is YMCMB: An entertaining and lovable cast of characters that yields pleasing, yet ultimately forgettable results.

#SonsOfAnarchy is Rick Ross: An over the top, completely unbelievable spectacle that still managed to triumph in spite of itself.

#MadMen is Eminem: Technically FLAWLESS, but I can only listen to the existential angst of rich white men for a short while.


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