“Oz” is 50 Cent; a gritty show with a great premise whose downfall was due to a focus on sensationalism over content.

#Lost is Kanye: An unorthodox story that became an unlikely cultural phenomenon and just got weirder and more ridiculous with each season.

#BoardwalkEmpire is T.I.: A notable contender with all the right ingredients but lacks that one intangible to place it amongst the greats.

#LawAndOrder is Snoop Dogg: Same formula for over 20 years, but it’s a show where your whole family knows at least ONE episode by heart.

#HowToMakeItInAmerica is Biggie: A promising show that was cut short after two seasons just as it was starting to find its voice.

#TheCosbyShow is A Tribe Called Quest: The pioneer who showed America there was a viable market in the portrayal of Black middle class life.

#ArrestedDevelopment is Phonte: A critical fave with a cult following that got pulled by a major, but came back indie and got his bread. lol

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