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It’s true: Times are changing. Today’s teenage girls aren’t getting geeked over soda pop flavored first-kisses and soph-hops; they’re asking for party buses to their Super Sweet Sixteens and choosing Nuva Rings over promise rings. But that doesn’t mean that mothers don’t have some obligation to preserve their children’s innocence as long as possible. I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I hear about kindergarten proms and toddler pamper parties. And by pamper I mean foot massages and manicures, not diaper cakes. When my job recently threw a Halloween party for kids, I took all of the kitten heels and put them in a bag marked “inappropriate”. Your daughter has her whole adult life to be uncomfortable for fashion’s sake, why start before she can even read?

Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the days where kids looked and acted like kids and not little adults. Just because the media wants to convince us that it’s OK for our little girls to act grown doesn’t mean it actually is. Here are signs your tween may be a little too mature.

Schoolhouse Scandals: Teachers Accused of Bad Behavior
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