This segment of Access Houston our first conversation is with Dr. Aisha Siddiqui, Executive Director of CHAT: Culture of Health Advancing Together. Dr. Siddiqui lets us know that registration is open for CHAT’s Summer Camp, which is open to children ages 5 to 18-years-old and taking place July 8th through August 9th from 9a-3p on […] Police have arrested 18-year-old Djuan Bowers, 17-year-old Tynerick Turner and an unnamed 16-year-old after shots were fired toward a North Nashville market. WKRN reports that the teenagers were inside a white Honda Accord at the D.B. Todd Market in Nashville when an undercover officer witnessed the gunfire. Police say the officer was conducting surveillance in the area […]

During the brawl, school worker and basketball coach Marcus Cruz is heard saying, "let them fight."

Teens under 16 could be blocked from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even email if they don’t have parental permission. The European Union is on the verge of pushing through new regulations that would raise the age of consent for websites to use personal data from 13 to 16. This would mean that millions of teens […]

Police are currently looking for answers regarding a brawl that occurred in an NYC McDonald’s during which 20 people watched as a teenager was beaten to a…

After spending a week in New York City for AllStar , I come back home to find that my 8 year old daughter has Snapchat on her phone!  WAIT A MINUTE!! I asked her why she has snapchat and she tells me her friend’s big sister told her about it.  I advised her to delete […]

I'm Me

JJ’s I’m Me Tour visited Houston’s Museum of African American Culture this past Saturday!

A crackdown on spam Instagram accounts has triggered gut wrenching reaction from its users, celebrities and teens alike. Click here to read the story. Click here to see the list of the big Instagram losers.  

Scottland lowered its voting age to 16 years-old for their referendum on whether to be independent or remain part of the United Kingdom. Many assumed that the teens would vote for Scottland’s independence. Scotland’s government decided two years ago that the voting age would be lowered from 18 to 16 for this referendum.  It was […]


Your local barbershop probably consists of TVs broadcasting ESPN, animated banter on almost any subject and music to match the vibe of the shop. The…


  via HuffingtonPost.Com Jess Vine is a 15-year old girl who shaved her head in memory of her grandfather’s battle with cancer. Her hope was to raise money for charity and bring awareness to the disease, but it seems as though her school is stopping her from one of those goals. Vine’s not allowed in Ryde Academy without wearing […]