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Is Marriage a Business Contract? We had a big discussion about this on the Madd Hatta Morning Show today. Here is what I believe. Above all else marriage is a covenant. A covenant that most people take far to lightly.

Everyone wants what they want NOW. It’s a Microwave Oven Mentality. If we can’t have it quickly and with little effort it’s not worth waiting for. The minute things get a little difficult or we are faced with some type of adversity we become uncomfortable and bow out. This ideology does not work if you are trying to cultivate your marriage.

In some regards marriage is a business contract. Much like any corporation you and your spouse should share the same vision on everything from finances, to raising children, to housekeeping.

Here is my advice for anyone looking to get married. First and foremost learn YOU! Take a long look in the mirror to discover your strengths and weaknesses. If you take the time to fix YOU you’ll find that you don’t have time to argue with someone else about their shortcomings.

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