Real Housewives of Atlanta star and former Ms. USA Kenya Moore has been pushing her boyfriend Walter Jackson for a marriage proposal. He claims he doesn’t want to propose because its too much pressure. I dated my wife 4 years before finally proposing. On the flip side I have friends who dated less than 2 […]

Is Marriage a Business Contract? We had a big discussion about this on the Madd Hatta Morning Show today. Here is what I believe. Above all else marriage is a covenant. A covenant that most people take far to lightly. Everyone wants what they want NOW. It’s a Microwave Oven Mentality. If we can’t have […]


I was reading about Nas and Kelis attending this event together to support their son which I thought was great but I noticed a few ppl tweeting that Nas and Kelis are going to get back together.  Nas made a statement saying ” We won’t ever be together romantically but we are friends”. I’m just […]