Bossip alleges there was a physical domestic dispute between the couple that resulted in cops being called.


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This has to be the clammiest husbands in the world.  He walked in on his wife in the middle of cheating with his best friend and didn’t even try to fight him.  He just remained claim and filmed the whole incident.  Which brought us to our question what would you have done if you walked in […]

Zoe Saldana’s Husband took his wife’s last name fellas would you?  Let us know by voting on our poll below!  

Here we are 3 weeks into 2015 and my wife and I still haven’t done it. We want to do it. Even planned on doing it right after the New Year. But as any busy person knows some time life gets in the way. Kids have to go back to school after the holidays and […]

I read a great article by Julie Sibert about wives who no longer attracted to their husbands. As a married man and father I take my vows serious and I would never use that as an excuse to leave my family. I realize that over time people will change physically, spiritually and emotionally. Check out […]


  According to TMZ, Olympic hurdler Lashinda Demus who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics — says her husband tried to strangle her and threatened…

It’s the usual story: woman ain’t feeling husband, wants to get rid of husband, so she laces her vagina with poison and invites the husband to have oral sex with her. After the invite, the 43-year old Brazilian man from Sao de Jose Rio Preto, noticed a strange odor coming from his wife’s private part. […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta star and former Ms. USA Kenya Moore has been pushing her boyfriend Walter Jackson for a marriage proposal. He claims he doesn’t want to propose because its too much pressure. I dated my wife 4 years before finally proposing. On the flip side I have friends who dated less than 2 […]