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It’s the usual story: woman ain’t feeling husband, wants to get rid of husband, so she laces her vagina with poison and invites the husband to have oral sex with her.

After the invite, the 43-year old Brazilian man from Sao de Jose Rio Preto, noticed a strange odor coming from his wife’s private part.

After expressing concern about the toxic smell, he took her to the hospital were she finally revealed her devious plan.

Tests apparently revealed the woman had placed enough of the unnamed poison in her vagina to kill both her and her husband.  She’s since received medical treatment.  The husband is planning to sue her for attempted murder on his life.


He actually made out easy if you ask us. He could have ended up like the poor guys in that 2007 flick, “Teeth” where the femme fatale’s vagina sprouts fangs when she beds a man she doesn’t like.

An investigation on the case is pending.

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