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Recently I went to see a little movie that blew my mind about Sandra Laing called, “Skin.” For those of you that don’t know – ain’t no shame in not knowing but rather refusing to learn – Laing was born Piet Retief to white South African parents during the height of Apartheid. With both white parents and grandparents, the young girl was ‘declared’ white only after several legal battles and shunned by classmates and much of the community for her African American features. At the age of 15 she chose to run away to be with a black man from Swaziland – feeling more comfortable with the culture as it was the only one that had accepted her during her tumultuous childhood. Her father had her jailed, threatened to kill her and ultimately broke off contact with her when she was given a choice; leave her black lover or the family. It’s just a short synopsis of a brief period in a life that would take volumes to chronicle and continues to add new expectation-breaking chapters today. See it and or pick up a copy of “When She Was White: The True Story of a Family Divided by Race” by Judith Stone. And answer the question for yourself to yourself – stuck on either side of that coin, what would you do? Sorry for getting deep on ya’ll but you know sometimes that’s just how Mac do. Until next time remember to hit the weights and feed the mind, with a healthy mind and body you leave the others behind. But always be there for your bother-man, even another man or woman in a grind. And the gifts you receive will be divine. Mac – out. Peace.

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