Zoe Saldana is sightless when it comes to seeing people’s race and she has her job to thank for it. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Afro-Latina actress says that her film credits, especially her roles in science fiction films, allows her to artistically transcend race and gender politics. She explained “I love working […]

NBC aired Tom Brokaw at NBC News: The First 50 Years on Sunday, a special highlighting and reflecting on his illustrious career.


Check out the new video for Color by Houston’s own, Just Brittany!!

Recently I went to see a little movie that blew my mind about Sandra Laing called, “Skin.” For those of you that don’t know – ain’t no shame in not knowing but rather refusing to learn – Laing was born Piet Retief to white South African parents during the height of Apartheid. With both white […]