JMac’s Hip Hop Health Tip : Starving yourself is as bad as over eating. It deprives you of crucial nutrients. There is no shortcut to thin!

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Running a fever? Skip the gym. Working out can raise your internal body temperature and make you sicker.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Try the 80/20 rule! Eat healthy 80 percent of the time, and eat what you want the other 20 percent of the time.

It’s yo boy J Mac, The Freestyle King and my girl Ashanti stopped by while she was in town recently.  So you know me and my homie Kiotti had to bless her with this epic freestyle! Check it out below!

It’s ya boy JMac The Freestyle King checking in.  The homie Big Sean decided to play a few basketball games against his friends.    I know he couldn’t beat me The Man, The Legend, JMac The Freestyle King!  Check out the video below and see if Big Sean can ball or not?

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Workout for two! Higher energy, less discomfort and kids with higher IQs. are benefits of maternity workouts.


J Mac’s Word of the Day is placate. Make (someone) less angry or hostile. Tools used to placate the masses: drugs, TV, sex and religion.


J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Stay hydrated, even If you don’t sweat as much! Every breath you take expels H2O from your body in cold weather.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is ricochet. To rebound. It’s sad most people think of bullets when they see this word. People can bounce back too.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Get fit like Kris Kross – Jump! Plyometrics are a great way to increase athletic performance and burn calories

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Don’t fool yourself! Turkey is nutritious on its own, but stuffing loads the Thanksgiving staple with calories.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is antediluvian. Extremely primitive, outmoded. Racism. Classism. The caste system. Nepotism. Mistreating women.