It’s mid-August also known to gamers as Madden Season. I’ve been playing Madden since I was old enough to hold a controller in both hands. If you play it or now someone who does I don’t need to explain how serious it is. Well Kevin Hart with the help of some celebrity cameos like Dez […]

  Three young men made the ill-advised decision to impersonate police officers in order to cut a line of around 500 people in order to purchase the hot new Grand Theft Auto V video game during its midnight release. READ MORE: VLADTV.COM

  The game that has generated the most buzz in recent years is finally out today! There was a midnight release all around the country with thousands of gamers waiting in line to get they’re hands on a copy. Thanks to Rockstar Games for hooking me up with a copy! Read The review from IGN. […]

When you’re a teenager, you make some of the dumbest decisions of your life within that span of time. A teenager in New Zealand asked…