The biggest selling basketball game in America is back. NBA 2K19 returns for its 20th season next month and the first gameplay trailer dropped today! LeBron is on the GOAT edition and Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Giannis Antetokounmpo is on the standard edition of the game. Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, […]

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, when rappers’ mixtapes inspire video games! You can now play an online version of Doodlejump based on Drake and Future’s WATTBA mixtape. Drake or Future can be your jumpman while you listen to snippets of the song over and over as you play. Again we must say, the internet has […]


Hey guys @jjonthemic here, I burned my bracket last week and everything was shot to hell, but here’s the Sweet Sixteen for the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Playing on Thursday (March 27th) will be: Number 1 Florida vs. Number 4 UCLA Number 10 Stanford vs. Number 11 Dayton Number 1 Arizona vs. Number 4 San […]

  Three young men made the ill-advised decision to impersonate police officers in order to cut a line of around 500 people in order to purchase the hot new Grand Theft Auto V video game during its midnight release. READ MORE: VLADTV.COM

  The game that has generated the most buzz in recent years is finally out today! There was a midnight release all around the country with thousands of gamers waiting in line to get they’re hands on a copy. Thanks to Rockstar Games for hooking me up with a copy! Read The review from IGN. […]


Ladies there comes a time when your man just doesn’t want to be bothered. Today happens to be one of those times. Madden 25th Anniversary is officially in stores!!! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Your date nights just became a lot shorter. Here’s some “date night” advice. Favorite team jersey & high heels usually get […]

World of Warcraft dropped a new expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria today. This is the 4th expansion to drop during the life of the game, which has been going strong since 2004. With over 9 million active subscribers, we would like to know the percent of Box listeners that have either tried, or currently play […]

I’m a casual NFL fan. I’m a child of two cities, therefore I have a right to love two separate teams; the fact that one team belongs to the AFC and the other is aligned with the NFC completely justifies my inability to choose one over the other in my book. With that said, outside […]