Shanta Jordan’s quick actions likely saved a young boy’s life when she threw her body in front an out-of-control car that was coming directly at the boy. It happened in Bridgeport, Connecticut and you can see in the surveillance footage when Shanta attempted to push the child out of the way of the car’s impact. […]

Black Women have an age old argument that black men prefer to date outside of their race as oppose to getting with a sista. So when black celebs like Tyrese, who publicly speaks about black love and black lives, marries a woman who doesn’t look what some would consider black enough, black women waste no […]

It looks like the fast-food restaurant Chipotle is being sued once again, except this time it’s not about their food. The person who is suing them is a woman from Sacramento, California. Leah Caldwell is suing the restaurant for over $2 billion for their usage of a picture that was used to promote and to […]

A woman named Jennifer Mulford decided she was going to quit her job so she could Breastfeed her boyfriend. Her 36-year-old boyfriend, Brad Leeson. Mulford demanded that she quit her branding job to support his  her ABR (Adult Breastfeeding Relationship) with him.

In Florida, a woman named Carmen Chambree was arrested Saturday after she was caught on surveillance video setting a fire to her would-be ex-boyfriend’s car. The 19-year old woman is seen carrying some kind of bag and then lighting a rag and set the fire inside the Honda’s trunk. Later in the video, you can see that […]

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

What are the qualities of a perfect woman? Now, she’s got to have beauty. I know they say that’s only skin deep, but for many women, abused and confused in relationships, brought up on The Real House Wives of Houston and Being Mary Jane, that outer layer is the only thing you’ll likely see for […]

I’m a tad bit disappointed in this year’s Grammy nominations. When I read the full list of artists that were up for awards, I thought there were more than a few that were missing. I’m starting to see that this show really is rigged. It’s GOTTA be about who’s friends with who, cause it’s evident […]

A woman who says she dated Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose for 2 years is now suing him behind accusations that he drugged and gang…

Jill Scott put on a full-on production with this “Woman” album. When you listen to the places she takes us, there’s no way you can deny how much of a genius she is. I can see this project being some sort of stage play or maybe even a visual-album (along the lines of Beyoncé and […]

Despite some people feeling like R&B isn’t what it used to be, the genre is really flourishing in 2015. Following Tyrese‘s new album Black Rose hitting…

Talk about strange couples fights… Yeah, there is a report out that a 61 year old woman named Phyllis Jefferson has been charged with a felony crime for “allegedly” stabbing her boyfriend. Phyllis’ boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner told the police in Akron, Ohio that he and his girlfriend were eating some good salsa when she got […]