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What are the qualities of a perfect woman? Now, she’s got to have beauty. I know they say that’s only skin deep, but for many women, abused and confused in relationships, brought up on The Real House Wives of Houston and Being Mary Jane, that outer layer is the only thing you’ll likely see for a while; Now with persistence and patience you might get that flower to bloom and be able to examine each intricate fold of the petals that comprise that fine foliage, but until then you have to have that initial attraction to motivate you to solve the mystery in front of you. Beauty without brains, however, will not last with me. You may switch out the diamonds on my chain with some created in a lab but in the end a true G will tell the real from the fake. Besides beauty might incite my lust, but booty with no brains close to your money often leads to a brother laying back down into the dust from which he was made…poor, alone and without friends to mourn him. Strong, beautiful, fierce, intelligent. She owns the room when she walks in and knows it but calls me Daddy at night and massages my back, which she has at all times. From a Beyonce to a Michelle Obama. That’s the kind of woman I’m looking for to be my baby mama.- Mac

Madd Hatta and Jmac at Big Cat’s Star Studded Wedding
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