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In Florida, a woman named Carmen Chambree was arrested Saturday after she was caught on surveillance video setting a fire to her would-be ex-boyfriend’s car.
The 19-year old woman is seen carrying some kind of bag and then lighting a rag and set the fire inside the Honda’s trunk.

Later in the video, you can see that she’s fueling the fire with something too, but what she didn’t realize is that the car was no her ex’s car, it belonged to another man named Thomas Jennings.
Thomas Jennings, the real car’s owner said that he’s never seen the young woman before and that he surely wasn’t her ex-boyfriend either.
The young woman was seen hopping onto a bicycle and pedaling away from the scene and as said on CBS News reportedCarmen was charged with second-degree arson.
Jennings’ didn’t know that an unknown woman had vandalized his vehicle with arson until his roommate informed him that his car was on fire.
After that the two ran outside to try to distinguish the flames.