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A knife placed on a cutting board

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Talk about strange couples fights…
Yeah, there is a report out that a 61 year old woman named Phyllis Jefferson has been charged with a felony crime for “allegedly” stabbing her boyfriend.
Phyllis’ boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner told the police in Akron, Ohio that he and his girlfriend were eating some good salsa when she got mad at him. Why?
Ronnie said that she was mad and claimed that he was eating all of the salsa… more than her.

Phyllis started yelling and she just straight out stabbed him with a writing pen. Phyllis was wild out of her mind… when Ronnie went to catch the TV that his girlfriend knocked over, she reached for a knife and she stabbed him all over again!
The police caught up with Phyllis after she had fled the apartment and she was taken… she’s also being charged with misdemeanor criminal endangering.
Why? All because he ATE more salsa than her.