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Jill Scott new album Woman

Source: Jill Scott new album Woman / Jill Scott new album Woman

Jill Scott put on a full-on production with this “Woman” album. When you listen to the places she takes us, there’s no way you can deny how much of a genius she is. I can see this project being some sort of stage play or maybe even a visual-album (along the lines of Beyoncé and B-Day). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize how Jill managed to get the #1 album on iTunes and the #1 album on the Billboard 200 with this one. Congrats, lady! I loved it. Read my album review and find out what letter grade I gave it below:

***** ***** are my top picks!

  • Wild Cookie is the perfect introduction and set up to let the listener know what they are about to get themselves into! “Woman” is an album for people who are lost in love, but are open to figuring out how to get there. Jill uses this song as a way to get us buckled up for a nice, long ride.
  • Prepared is a dope concept and takes on the frame of mind we should have when it comes to the single life. When we’re not where we want to be in love, we should be using that time to get prepared for when the right one comes along. (Notice how I said the RIGHT one…meaning the one we will walk down the aisle with).
  • Run, Run, Run gives men an insight to the busy-ness of what a modern woman is; a woman who is on the run because she works for her own.
  • ***** Can’t Wait ***** should be the next single. It talks about the stresses of the day and how she can’t wait to be loved by the one who will make it all better. The icing on the cake is the Patti Labelle notes that Jill is hitting on this song; I didn’t think anybody else was able to sing like Grandma Patti! LOL she’s in a league of her own.
  • Lighthouse is the epitome of the conversation that we have that damn near begs the one we’re dating to trust us with their problems. OPEN UP TO ME! It’s safe here ;-)
  • Fools Gold is the reason why I doubted whether or not I ould enjoy this album as a whole. Although, it’s a good song…I don’t think it properly prepares the audience for the greatness of what this project is all about. The majority of “Woman” focuses on love and trust as opposed to lies. I wish Ms. Scott would’ve went with a single that clearly depicted the essence of the rest of the body of work.
  • Willing (Inerlude) makes me wish it was a full song…as all interludes usually do. I can say that this interlude holds one of the most important characteristics that every human being needs to learn: the ability to c o m p r o m i s e.
  • ***** Closure ***** is another one of my favs. It’s about the last time you have sex with your homie-lover-friend and you know it’s the last time, but you need it in order to have full closure with the situationship.
  • You Don’t Know reminds me of the dope, Blues-y era that is able to paint pictures of frustration, heartbreak and/or love as deep as oceans.
  • Pause (Interlude) describes that mental breakdown we have. Even though, we don’t want to get that point… it’s often necessary!
  • Cruisin makes me feel like i’m riding with the windows down on a Fall day with the windows down.  (I said FALL day instead of SPRING because I have allergies. LOL Rolling with the windows down at that time of season would NOT be a good look for me). It’s the song that helps one regroup and get your head back on straight.
  • Say Thank You is one of my mottos: when you have done all that you can do…surrender and tell God “Thank You,” because that means that your faith is so strong that nothing can come against. You believe with your entire heart that things will get better.
  • Back Together focuses on finding someone who is able to put her back together when she thought she would be broken forever. I enjoy this album because it tells the truth of every emotion and stages we go through in relationships.
  • Coming To You forces the person she’s with to leave everything that happened to them in the past. She’s been through what they’ve gone through and knows exactly how it feels so she promises to go in that direction to save them.
  • Beautiful Love (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) are the credits of a good love story. I damn near shed a tear. LOL


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