Would you pass up on clean beaches, fun in the sun, and exotic scenery because of a little infidelity? Surely, Swizz stepped out his marriage and winded up wifing Alicia Keys and having a new son but who can’t move pass that? I mean it was a long time ago… Courtesy of theybf.com I saw images […]

If feels like when Rihanna goes on vacation we all go on vacation, because the pop star makes sure we all get a nice gander…

Summer summer summertime! Finally right?! You worked hard by showing up for all your workouts, and now you get to show off. Your bikini is…

  Almost 2 months ago I was suppose to be on this ship with some friends. Fortunatly for me I canceled my vacation but my friends still went and were stranded at sea for more than 5 days. Well the ship was being repaired from that engine room fire and was expected to be back […]

  Chris Brown and Sean Kingston hang out in Hawaii on scooters thru the city of Oahu. Sean tweeted that he was “living life with positive energy and positive people” READ MORE: RAP-UP.COM

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via: cnn.com About 57% of Americans who get vacation time don’t use all of it, most of them because of their heavy workload, according to a Harris Interactive study for JetBlue. And almost 10% of those surveyed reported that the unstable job market — the U.S. unemployment rate was 8.3% in July — made them […]

  Since it’s sooo HOT outside, i figured i’d reminisce of being on the snowy ski slopes in Colorado with my daughter Marisa! If ya neva tried to ski before it is a must to do on your bucket list lol!

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Every year I have a weekend trip to Miami to relax and unwind.  I turn my phone off. I don’t  tweet or “instagram” during that time.  I just do the things that I want to do and absorb “peace of mind”.  Well, unfortunately this year my schedule was thrown off so I couldn’t go to […]

  @jjonthemic speaks with Senior Editor of Travelocity, Courtney Scott about great summer vacation deals and how to know you are REALLY getting a deal!  Click below to listen!


Summer is almost here!  School is out and it is vacation time!  What is your favorite city to visit during vacation?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z sprinkled some sunshine on Miami. Hip-hop’s royal couple enjoyed some family time with B’s mom Tina Knowles and nephew Julez. READ MORE