Would you pass up on clean beaches, fun in the sun, and exotic scenery because of a little infidelity? Surely, Swizz stepped out his marriage and winded up wifing Alicia Keys and having a new son but who can’t move pass that? I mean it was a long time ago…

Courtesy of I saw images and video of the blended family having fun and I’m kinda confused. Is it cool that Swizz is takin’ his wife down in front of his ex-wife?!?! Where they do that at?!

Am I trippin’ or nah? I think that forgiveness and moving forward is healthy and necessary so I am glad they can all be together and civil with one another. Positivity is best for all people involved including the kiddos. I was just a little surprised though that Swizz and Alicia and Mashonda could be that close up and personal. Yowzers!

See for yourself here!

Beware: The Upheaval Of All Side Chicks
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