At 51, Perry looked to be in great shape while professing he's a single man now facing, in his words, a mid-life crisis.

Perry's earned more than $1.4 billion in Hollywood and Forbes estimates he's worth around $1 billion.

Tyler Perry discusses how he kept his cast and crew coronavirus-free while filming for the first time since the pandemic started. With production underway for his next project, the studio mogul is preparing to use the same successful blueprint. Hollywood may be back to filming again!

Salute to Tyler Perry for always stepping up to the plate when he can.

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Half of the American workforce has been laid off and left without a paycheck coming in thanks to the coronavirus. Then, there’s the other half, which is forced to put themselves at risk in order to work and keep money coming in. Outside of the medical field, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations are still open to the public and carrying on with business the best they can.

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Tyler Perry posted an emotional Instagram post about his now-deceased nephew Gavin Porter yesterday that struck a chord with many people. Perry told the story of Gavin’s incarceration after the young man murdered his own father in front of his mother a few years back. It’s the sort of tragedy that would traumatize any family. However, […]

Tyler Perry ended 2019 on an epic high note with the opening of his grand movie studio is Atlanta, which has been heralded as the pinnacle of Black excellence, but his latest film landed him on the receiving end of endless jokes. After the debut of his latest film, A Fall From Grace, many fans were […]

Black excellence is not only about setting the bar higher for our people but also setting the right example. Last week Tyler Perry did that in one fell swoop. On Saturday, October 5 the acclaimed film director hosted a gala affair to celebrate the opening of his Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The VIP […]

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The 330-acre studio cost $250 million to build and is the only major film studio in the U.S that is Black-owned.

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Media mogul Tyler Perry was honored this week by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and during the ceremony, he told his peers and fans that he wants his star to live a an emblem for hope.

There have been rumblings that BET was planning on launching its own streaming service. Today (June 24) the Viacom owned network has confirmed that BET+ is indeed coming this fall and Tyler Perry, as well as other big names, are on board to supply original content. The news of Perry’s studio involvement with the service […]