Trina, veteran rap queen and star of 'Love & Hip Hop Miami,' has just announced on social media that she's on her way down the aisle soon after announcing her engagement.

The slander against Trick Daddy has gotten so massive, BeyHive members flocked the Miami rapper's restaurant page on Google Reviews and left numerous 1-star reviews.

The celebration between E-V-E and Da Baddest B*tch of Miami will take place June 26.

Trina may have thought her apology would ease the dragging that is taking place on Twitter, but as she quickly learned--it wasn't. On Thursday (June 4) Trina took to the airwaves to apologize after calling protestors "animals" before calling for a stricter curfew. On today's episode of the Trick and Trina Morning Show, the "Nann" rapper said that her comments were taken out of context before adding that her animal comment wasn't meant towards Black people. "I apologize for some of the comments I made yesterday when I was expressing how I felt about what was going on in my community here in Miami, Florida," Trina said. "I can see why people were offended by my comments and wasn't trying to discredit anyone's actions with police so I am truly sorry for that part; but when I was calling people animals, I was talking about looters, not people who were protesting peacefully. I am Black. Why would I call Black people animals when I'm Black? That would mean I am calling myself an animal."

Dade County lyricist  Trina is speaking out about the incident that took place at a Florida WalMart earlier this week. As previously reported, Trina was shopping at a Florida Walmart when an unnamed white woman allegedly called Trina a “n*gger b*tch”, leading Trina to verbally obliterate the racist. Earlier reports say that Trina bumped the lady, […]

Why would you want to try Trina of all people?! Da Baddest has always been a woman who doesn’t bother anybody unless she’s provoked and sure enough, some woman at a Wal-Mart decided to say two words in unison that you shouldn’t ever say to Trina or anybody for that matter. The woman, according to Trina […]

Trina‘s mother has passed away, TMZ confirmed. The Miami rapper’s mother, Vernessa “Nessa” Taylor died early Tuesday morning (Sept. 3) after a battle with cancer. She was 62. “Thank you all for your kind words and condolences regarding Trina’s mother. It truly gives the family some peace and comfort knowing that ‘Nessa’ lived such a […]

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Trina has spoken. The Miami rapper took to Instagram to address the alleged beef with Nicki Minaj (spoiler: there isn’t), and put all the hater on notice with class. The quasi-non-beef started when Trina’s A&R, Reginald Saunders, called out Nicki Minaj for allegedly being shady about promoting their song “BAPS.” However, in tonight’s message […]

Seventeen years strong, Trina serves it up in this Gucci outfit as she celebrates nearly two decades of being the Diamond Princess.

Celebrities don’t play during All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s a look at some of Halloween 2016’s real MVPs.