SXSW is bringing one of the biggest weeks in music back to Austin, TX. If you want in on free shows, free food, and free booze, here’s 6 secrets you’ll need to survive SXSW. 6. Prioritize your time. From morning to night, there’s showcases all damn day. The most popular venues with major artists performing will hit capacity early. […]

Large breasts, if you have them you know it can be like carrying a small child on your chest. So as the weather gets warmer, and the clothing gets skimpier, we want to be able to help you make it through the summer.

SXSW is one of the most unique festivals in the world combining interactive, film, and music. The nine day festival in Austin, TX can be the best move you make all year if you conquer it. Although SXSW offers more events than we can even keep up with, don’t be overwhelmed. We have 12 secrets and tips […]

Gary Vee chats with JJ about when to say “I Quit”, how to determine whether you are REALLY cut out to own your own business and shares great tips for entrepreneurs!

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Bola Onada Sokunbi is a personal finance junkie, money coach and business strategist! Her blog talks about all things money to put you on the path to successful decision making and wealth creation! In our recent podcast, we talk to moms about gettin’ their money right for 2016! Check out Bola’s great tips on […]

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so we want you to be prepared for ANY situation with these tips. We’ve handpicked the most common scenarios and provided you with some possible solutions. When you get asked to help prepare the food:  It’s the season of giving, use this as family bonding time. When the macaroni comes out:  Pace yourself […]

How we define success, differs from person to person. But if there is anything most of us ought to know, it’s that the person we’re…

Scandal is back tonight!!  Everyone is looking forward to see what happened to Olivia. So, the last time we saw Liv, she was with Jake and they were about to get it on on the piano.  Then, the goons break into Liv’s apartment and take her away.  WHO KIDNAPPED OLIVIA? Are you having a Scandal […]

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My I’m Me Tour continues to motivate, empower and inspire in 2015 ! Check out our weekly tips! Be sure to follow us on IG, FB and Twitter.  

We’ve got 7 shopping days left until Christmas and a lot of people haven’t even started Christmas shopping!!  A shame, yes, we know, but procrastination is at a all time high! LOL Here are some last minute Christmas shopping tips courtesy of that are sure help you with your last minute shopping. 1. Make […]

Here are a few tips I use in interacting with those family members who tend to wake my grumpy inner child. 1. Repeat: It’s Not About Me You think it’s about you when your brother calls you a “selfish, lazy, son of a something,” but actually it’s not. He may point his finger at you […]

I don’t know about you but it seems like EVERYONE is pretty concerned about this Ebola madness.  Check out this video with helpful tips to stay clear of Ebola. Prays up to the families of those affected by Ebola.