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We’ve got 7 shopping days left until Christmas and a lot of people haven’t even started Christmas shopping!!  A shame, yes, we know, but procrastination is at a all time high! LOL

Here are some last minute Christmas shopping tips courtesy of that are sure help you with your last minute shopping.

1. Make a list.

Not just reserved for groceries, making lists is crucial when you are hunting for gifts. Don’t just make a mental note. List down everyone’s names and their wishes. Include their shoe, shirt size or other important measurements so you won’t make a mistake.

2. Call the store ahead.

Calling the store to check the availability of an item and reserving it is beneficial to you. It saves you plenty of time to hit up other retails stores you need to go to.

3. Go to the mall early.

This is not the time to curl up in bed! You’re way behind on your Christmas shopping so you’d better cut hugging your pillow short. Be at the mall before it even opens. Wherever you’re heading in order to purchase your item, you have to anticipate everything that might slow you down, like traffic, for instance. Think of it like getting to school on time, only this is more fun.

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